About Us

Window seals for the Sydney Opera House and gate seals for the Snowy Mountains’ hydroelectric scheme were some of the first projects completed by Derby Rubber. Founded in 1964 by Ralph Sheppard and Robert Moore, the original mainstay of the business was manufacturing automotive engine mountings and radiator hoses.

While maintaining its capability in the manufacture of automotive products, the company developed its rubber technology for diversified yet specific industrial markets across Australia. In the 1990s Derby Rubber Products adopted the use of vacuum assisted vulcanisation to achieve higher product integrity. The late 1990s saw the company commence exporting a small range of products to the USA.

Derby Rubber’s core products of Ballast Regulator Brooms, Cool Room Door Seal, Traffic Counter Tube, Marine Fender and Truck Fender are distributed throughout Australia, USA, Europe and Asia.

Derby Rubber prides itself on being able to work with our customers from conception through to the finished product stage.

We have highly trained chemists and production specialists who can take your product through the various stages from the drawing board, compound design, tooling manufacture and production.