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We create resilient products so that you can go the distance.

  • Company History

    The Beginning

    Mechanical engineer, Robert Moore and businessman, Ralph Sheppard founded Derby Rubber Products Pty Ltd in 1964. Initially manufacturing engine mounts and radiator hoses for the local automotive business; their business and expertise grew quickly. Prestigious contracts included the window seals for Sydney’s famous Opera House and dam gate seals for the largest public works project in Australia’s history, the Snowy Mountains Scheme.

  • Company History

    A Global Player

    After achieving ISO 9002 quality system accreditation in 1993, the business started to look further afield. A contract to supply technical tube to Hong Kong in 1994 marked the beginning of our export journey. We went on to build relationships with clients in Canada, Japan, the USA and Europe.

    We developed an innovative manufacturing technique which gave us the capability to create a new profile of ballast regulator broom element. The Solid Ballastick® was launched at the 1999 ExpoRail Asia in Singapore.

  • Company History

    European Expansion

    Demand for the Solid Ballastick® range of broom elements drove continuing export growth. As demand for our products in Europe increased, a strategic decision was made to open a local office to better service our European customers. In 2002 we opened Derby Rubber Products (Europe) B.V. in The Netherlands.

    We created the revolutionary Hollow Ballastick® range of broom elements in 2004 in response to European market demands for better service life and improved performance of the existing products.

  • Company History

    A New Chapter

    After 55 years in business, we had expanded our capabilities far beyond our humble beginnings manufacturing automotive parts. To realise our vision and meet our customers’ expectations, we needed to move the business from our original site in Silverwater, NSW.

    In 2019 we opened a new site in Wingfield, South Australia. This facility allows us to continue to invest in new equipment, material development and advanced manufacturing technology, without restriction and in partnership with Universities and like-minded local businesses. We are excited about the future of Derby Rubber.

Derby Rubber has been a supplier to Dayco Precision Holdings Pty Ltd for over 20 years. Over this period Derby Rubber, through their technical background & attention to detail, has helped Dayco design & deliver products supplied globally to the Automotive Aftermarket.

Paul Morphett

Dayco Precision Holdings Pty Ltd

UGL Unipart operations has relied on Derby Rubber for many years to help develop new seal products based on duty or performance criteria, then manufacture to meet, short lead times and we are always appreciative of their performance

David Puata

Engineer for UGL Unipart

Derby Solid Ballastick® elements are the best solution for high production track clearing operations combined with a very long life time.

Jan Romstedt

Schweerbau GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)

Derby Rubber Products has delivered 1,000’s of metres of road tube to MetroCount for over 20 years. Fully compatible with MetroCount’s axle-based traffic classifiers, and exported with our traffic survey products to more than 110 countries, Derby Rubber’s road tube is simply unmatched for quality, consistency and durability, delivering highly accurate traffic data over the broadest range of conditions.

Vern Bastian

General Manager, MetroCount

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