Extrusion is a relatively new addition to rubber processing technology, and has proven itself to be a very efficient and high output process.

We extrude a wide range of rubber profiles, where any or all dimensions can be up to 300mm in hollow or solid profiles.

In addition to the general purpose rubbers, [e.g. Natural, EPDM, SBR, NBR, CR (Neoprene™) etc.] specialty rubbers such as fluoro elastomer [e.g. Viton™, Dyneon™ etc.] are also able to be extruded with a high degree of accuracy.

Investing in sophisticated vacuum and gear pump technology allows us to deliver superior quality and produce profiles with intricate details and close tolerances. We have the capabilities to provide additional interior and external details as well as embossing and printing.

Rest assured that we don’t just rely on our past achievements for continued success. Rather, we constantly look for challenges and opportunities provided by you, our customer, to help us continually grow and improve our processes and techniques.