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New Sorema Ferroviaria Spa


For over 40 years, New Sorema Ferroviaria Spa has been manufacturing specialist machinery for the construction and maintenance of railway lines across Europe.

Specialising in the design and production of everything from railway vehicles to on track machines. New Sorema Ferroviaria continues to manufacture unique machinery solutions for the constantly evolving and changing track market.


The constant market changes and demands means suppliers like New Sorema Ferroviaria are continuously looking for innovative solutions that provide superior durability, reduced operating costs, reduced down-time and maximised outputs. When designing their first ballast regulator, Giancarlo Cibin Company Director, New Sorema Ferroviaria, faced the challenge of finding a supplier that would meet these very specific needs – efficiency, and durability. Reducing the time to change over the brooms would deliver sustainability and was far less disruptive.


A mutual friend from Ballast Tools, proposed New Sorema Ferroviaria use Derby Rubber’s Solid Ballastick®. Derby Rubber’s reputation of working collaboratively to deliver solutions and the state-of-the-art compound engineering techniques consistently achieve 40% longer wear life than other broom elements in the market.

Designed with a distinctive flared tip, which adds extra mass to the broom element, a greater amount of ballast is able to be swept aside as the ballast regulator cleans the track lines, this provides greater momentum and by its very nature, efficiencies.

Utilising a Derby Rubber C3 clamp, broom elements can be mounted or removed quickly and efficiently using a battery operated tool, combined with the superior durability of the range, this culminates in significantly reducing the installation and manual changeover time of operators and mitigates the need for multiple replacement.


Giancarlo found the solution it was looking for, applying both Derby Rubber’s Solid and Hollow Ballistick® on every New Sorema Ferroviaria machine.

“Derby Rubber is the best solution for ballast regulators. The rubber is very strong and changing the elements requires little time from the operator” said Giancarlo Cibin. “The Ballastick® has a duration of 3- 4 times that of competitors in the market, making our owners very happy.”

But the value of this 20 year partnership with Derby Rubber, extends further for the Italian-based company. “I consider the people at Derby Rubber friends first of all” said Giancarlo Cibin.

“We are able to talk and find the solutions to any situation”, which ensures the ongoing efficient and safe track maintenance operations across Europe.

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