Industrial Rubber Supplier.

The need for high-quality, durable, reliable and customisable rubber components in the automotive and vehicle building and repair industry is diverse and extensive.

From trim parts, mats and moisture-proof seals to harmonic balancers, mounting dampers, and specialist extrusions, Derby Rubber is able to provide ready-made and tailored solutions to every aspect of the car, performance racing and commercial vehicle industry, including manufacture, customising and repair.

Derby Rubber formulates its rubber compounds based upon years of experience developing and manufacturing products for demanding applications. This results in improved service durability of its rubber-based components, which significantly reduces maintenance costs.

We are 100% Australian owned, with strategic commitments to growth and ongoing investment in new technologies, Industry 4.0 and R&D. In addition, our robust supply chain helps to deliver greater efficiency and reduce wait-times or down-time when components need to be replaced. We regularly work with automotive engineers and specialists to develop unique solutions for the myriad of challenges that the industry encounters as new innovations and processes are tested and adopted.

Applications include:

  • Seals
  • Trim
  • Mounting dampers
  • Harmonic balancers
  • Specialist extrusions
  • Extruded rubber products

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At Derby Rubber, we work with our clients to precisely determine the product that will best meet their needs.

We are constantly looking for challenges and opportunities to grow and improve our processes and techniques.

Explore the creative solutions we can bring to your next project.

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