Renewable Energy & Power Generation

Rubber for the renewable energy industry.

As the world strives to create greater and greener energy efficiencies, the technology and advances in systems and processes are evolving at a rapid rate. 

Thanks to Derby Rubber’s strong focus on continual development and innovation, we are able to provide solutions to a myriad of challenges facing this fast-moving industry, while also meeting the day-to-day needs of power generation and supply.

In addition to offering standardised and purpose-made, high-quality rubber components to help increase generation efficiency, Derby Rubber can also supply regular and custom-designed rubber seals, machine feet, brushes, mounts, mouldings, grommets, washers, standard and high-temperature gaskets, hydraulic and pneumatic seals. Our specialist compounds are designed and manufactured to withstand harsh, extended sun exposure and UV radiation while still providing robust mountings and effective seals – particularly for pressure-containing, flow-wetted environments. We can also produce items in both large and small formats, from tiny rubber washers to large building mounts designed to carry the weight of wind farm turbine structures.

Derby Rubber formulates its rubber compounds based upon years of experience developing and manufacturing products for demanding applications. This results in improved service durability of its rubber-based components, which significantly reduces maintenance costs.

We are 100% Australian owned, with strategic commitments to growth and ongoing investment in new technologies, Industry 4.0 and R&D. In addition, our robust supply chain helps to deliver greater efficiency and reduce wait-times or down-time when components need to be replaced. We regularly work with electrical, structural and technical engineers and specialists to develop unique solutions for the myriad of challenges that the industry encounters as new innovations and processes are tested and adopted.

Applications include:                     

  • Rubber bobbins
  • Machine feet
  • Rubber bushes
  • Sandwich mounts
  • U-channels
  • High-temperature gaskets
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic seals
  • Rubber gaskets
  • Rubber mouldings
  • Slew ring seals
  • Coupling rubbers
  • Rubber grommets and bushings
  • Rubber washers
  • Rubber mounts
  • Solar panel components
  • Wind Power Components
  • EMI/RFI Shielding
  • Thermal Management Materials
  • Electrical Insulators
  • Extruded rubber products

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