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Collecting reliable long term traffic data is critical in urban and regional planning. This road and path usage data helps designers improve the movement of people, freight and cyclists around new and established urban areas and regional centres efficiently and safely.

A proven system for counting and classifying road vehicles involves a rubber tube or tubes fastened across the road and connected to a recording device.

The unique nature of this data collection demands highly-durable protective tubes. These need to be resilient but also allow the required level of sensitivity and reshape for the counters to accurately register the ‘pulse’ of each and every wheel actuation.

A Derby Rubber traffic counter tube typically returns to 75% of its original shape within 30 milliseconds of actuation, and can achieve this across a temperature range of -6°C to +45°C and for more than 2 million actuations. Used throughout Australia and in over 50 companies, for over 20 years, Derby Rubber has become the recommended supplier of traffic counter tubes (TCT) to Metrocount, and the broader traffic monitoring and classification industry.

Derby Rubber formulates its rubber compounds based upon years of experience developing and manufacturing products for demanding applications. This results in improved service durability of its rubber-based components, which significantly reduces maintenance costs.

We are 100% Australian owned, with strategic commitments to growth and ongoing investment in new technologies, Industry 4.0 and R&D. In addition, our robust supply chain helps to deliver greater efficiency and reduce wait-times or down-time when components need to be replaced. We regularly work with traffic monitoring engineers and specialists to develop unique solutions for the myriad of challenges that the industry encounters as new innovations and processes are tested and adopted.

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