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Not all ballast regulator broom elements are created equal.

Derby Rubber is the world leader in manufacturing high-performance ballast regulator broom elements that leave the competition (and the copies) in its tracks.

Companies around the world who are involved in the construction and maintenance of ballasted railway track use Derby broom elements for track sweeping operations. Our large range of hollow and solid brooms have a proven performance history in the toughest of conditions; from the searing heat of heavy haul track during an Australian summer to the icy rail tracks of Finland and Russia.

A specially developed formulation combined with innovative production techniques enabled Derby Rubber to flourish in many export markets. Derby Rubber is represented by stock holding distributors in the USA, Canada, Finland, Sweden and Japan.

Our office and warehouse in Amsterdam has been servicing and supplying the European Rail sector for over 10 years.

Derby Rubber developed and introduced the following products to the market:

  • The Solid and Hollow Ballastick®, a range of revolutionary new broom elements that extend the wear life by 60% over conventional hollow brooms.
  • The C3, a quick change clamp used to fasten broom elements to the rotating brush of the ballast regulator machine. The C3 makes it easier to change worn broom elements while reducing the risk of injury to the operator.


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