Roads and Heavy Transport

Customers in the roads and heavy transport market have come to rely on Derby Rubber Products giving a long working life in environments that are harsh or under operating loads and stresses that can reach extreme levels.

Our ‘D’ fender range provide superior protection for vehicles (such as trucks and trailers) against damage from docks and other solid surfaces. These products offer high sheer and compression resistance.

Our waste compactor seals fit all brands of both Australian made and imported waste compactor trucks and systems. Our seals are made from compounds that give excellent resistance to the wide range of chemicals, oils and greases usually encountered in this industry.

Street sweeper and road maintenance vehicle brushes is a new market for Derby Rubber Products in 2002. We manufacture various sizes of street sweeper guide wheels and brush elements in standard and non-marking compounds.

Heavy D Fender Profiles

Waste Compactor Seals

Road Sweeper Wheels and Brooms