Traffic Information

Derby Rubber Products’ Traffic Counter Tube (TCT) helps traffic authorities plan our towns and cities for the future. A proven system for counting and classifying road vehicles involves a rubber tube or tubes fastened across the road and connected to a recording device.

The tube must be sensitive enough to register the ‘pulse’ of each wheel actuation. Derby Rubber traffic counter tube returns to 75% of its original shape within 30ms. of actuation. It achieves this over a temperature range of -6°C to +45°C and endures over 2 million actuations.

To further our lead in this market Derby Rubber has introduced two new products:

  • Derby NoCount™ tube, a non-compressible tube that still allows the pulse from outer lanes to be transmitted to the recorder.
  • Derby MicroRib™, a tube for residential areas exhibiting lower noise than conventional tube. 0.3mm ribs on the outside diameter act as mini shock absorbers, reducing the bounce between the road surface and the tube.

Derby traffic counter tube is being used throughout Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, and North America. The European market is being developed through our Netherlands branch.

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