Sustainability Program

Derby Rubber’s goal is to provide innovative solutions and manufacture resilient products that facilitate sustainable growth for our clients and reduce their consumption through inherent longevity.

As a rubber manufacturer, we acknowledge that our materials and our products have an impact on the environment, therefore we strive to do all that we can to mitigate and offset this. We have chosen to do that through innovation and quality, and by grounding our development in our values of respect for our customers, employees, shareholders, and, of course, the environment.


product design

Product longevity is key for Derby Rubber.
We achieve this through the product design, the compound design, and the materials we choose for our products.

  • Derby Rubber’s Solid and Hollow Ballastick®,
    a range of revolutionary new broom elements, extend the wear life by 60% over conventional hollow brooms. Our goal is to further increase the lifecycle of our products through continuous improvement activities.
  • We also undertook and sponsored a 3-year post-doctoral research program into Spinifex CNF to understand the benefits of this sustainable product and its ability to reinforce compounded rubber materials.


work environment

Through awareness-raising and involvement initiatives, we ensure our employees share their ideas for advancing sustainable development in the workplace.

  • We protect the physical and psychological health and safety of our employees.
  • We increase their well-being at work by providing flexible jobs, family-work balance, and respect.
  • We create a safe work environment that encourages trust, cooperation and diversity, where all employees can grow and contribute to progress and innovation.
  • We ensure the tasks are dynamic and the workflow is well distributed to avoid repetitive tasks and keep the jobs interesting.
  • We ensure skill development and training.

Our employees know that their work contributes to the greater good and how it fits into our company strategic plan. This translates into:

  • Low staff turnover
  • Staff satisfaction

Most of our employees say that what they love the most about working at Derby Rubber is the variety of work, their open-minded colleagues, and the honesty and integrity Derby Rubber has with their clients.


business practices

Sustainability has been incorporated into our corporate strategies and reflected in our organisational business goals. It’s a priority in
every aspect of organisational operations.

  • We have a completely digital production workspace and paperless processes.
  • We use energy and resource-efficient production methods, as solar panels on the roof of our Wingfield facilities.
  • We work on driving the energy usage down. Our cooling tower is automated as an on-demand system and operates only 20% of the time (used to be 100%).
  • All offcuts of material generated in The Netherlands are recycled.
  • All of our solid waste in Wingfield, Australia, is sent to Suez as part of their Dry Waste Recycling.

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