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Ballastick® Broom Elements


The high-performance ballast regulator broom elements sweeping the competition aside. What are broom elements? And what do they do? Ballast regulator broom elements, also known…

Q&A With Defence Business Magazine

Defence Business Magazine recently sat down with Innovative Defence Industry Business Leaders for a Q&A, including Derby Rubber’s own CEO, Michael Clayton. Here’s what he…

Keeping Everything On Track

Ask Michael Clayton, CEO, what it is that contributes to Derby Rubber’s success, and he’ll tell you it’s about helping its customers succeed. Critical to…

The effects of sun on rubber

Our harsh Australian sun can weather and deteriorate a wide range of objects and products – with rubber included under this umbrella. The ultraviolet (UV)…

In a State of Growth – Future Adelaide

Derby Rubber’s CEO, Michael Clayton, was recently interviewed by Jennifer Hullick for Future Adelaide. This publication showcases the inspiring stories and opportunities that South Australia…

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