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Heavy vehicle solutions.

For over 20 years, Derby Rubber has been at the forefront of providing innovative safety, protection, operational and maintenance solutions to the world’s highly diverse heavy vehicle industry. From defensive fenders to oil-proof seals and heavy-duty brushes, the requirements for tough, reliable, functional rubber components is extensive.

Vehicle and loading dock fenders
Our ‘D-fender’ range provides superior protection for trucks and other logistics vehicles from damage incurred through impact with loading docks and other solid objects. Our fenders come in a range of profiles and dimensions for different applications, and all offer high shear and compression resistance.

Rubber seals
Derby Rubber waste compactor seals fit the majority of brands of both Australian-made and imported waste compactor trucks and systems. Our seals offer superior resistance to the wide range of chemicals, oils and greases encountered in this industry that can quickly affect the longevity, effectiveness and safety of vehicles employed in the waste management industry.

Industrial and street-sweeping brushes
We also supply street-sweeper and road maintenance vehicle brushes. Our range includes various sizes of street sweeper guide wheels and brush elements and are available in both standard black and non-marking compounds.

Derby Rubber formulates its rubber compounds based upon years of experience developing and manufacturing products for demanding applications. This results in improved service durability of its rubber-based components, which significantly reduces maintenance costs.

We are 100% Australian owned, with strategic commitments to growth and ongoing investment in new technologies, Industry 4.0 and R&D. In addition, our robust supply chain helps to deliver greater efficiency and reduce wait-times or down-time when components need to be replaced. We regularly work with heavy vehicle engineers and specialists to develop unique solutions for the myriad of challenges that the industry encounters as new innovations and processes are tested and adopted.

Applications include:

  • D-fenders
  • Ribbed D-fenders
  • Round fenders
  • Waste compactor seals
  • Road maintenance vehicle brushes
  • Docking fenders
  • Extruded rubber profiles
  • B-Seals
  • Hatch Seals
  • Dump Door Seals

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