No Dig & Trenchless Technology

Trenchless pipe rehabilitation.

When pipes and conduits rupture, their investigation and repair can be expensive. No-dig and trenchless technologies have been able to reduce the time, and cost of repairs, while improving their effectiveness. Key to the success of these technologies is their use of durable, dependable rubber components.

Inflatable tubes and bladders play an essential role in trenchless maintenance and repairs to pipe networks that avoid the need for excavation. These tubes are employed to seal the junctions of old and newly relined pipes in a cost-effective way without having to dig down to the pipes in the ground to make a repair. This is a fast, simple and safe way to work on the pipe system. Derby Rubber’s inflatable tubes are made with a high-modulus compound, which is effective in distributing the internal air pressure to press the resin-soaked ‘tee socks’ into place for a strong, long-life seal.

Derby Rubber formulates its rubber compounds based upon years of experience developing and manufacturing products for demanding applications. This results in improved service durability of its rubber-based components, which significantly reduces maintenance costs.

We are 100% Australian owned, with strategic commitments to growth and ongoing investment in new technologies, Industry 4.0 and R&D. In addition, our robust supply chain helps to deliver greater efficiency and reduce wait-times or down-time when components need to be replaced. We regularly work with engineers and specialists to develop unique solutions for the myriad of challenges that the industry encounters as new innovations and processes are tested and adopted.

Applications include:

  • Inflatable tubes
  • Inflatable bladders
  • Lateral tubes

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