Railway Rolling Stock

Keeping passengers safe and comfortable.

Safety and comfort are two important requirements of passengers using mass transport systems.

Door nosing seals
Derby Rubber’s door nosings are fitted to electro-pneumatically driven doors to protect passengers from injury and to form a weatherproof seal. Our door nosings are made to close tolerances, are easy to fit and have strong resistance to tear and environmental decay.

Keyed and keyless window seals
Derby Rubber’s window seals form a waterproof seal between glass and any vehicle frame, while also preventing rattle. Our window seals are compounded to minimise aging due to ultraviolet exposure while offering sufficient flexibility to aid efficient assembly. Our unique design of seals and railway carriage windows has also reduced the amount of damage due to vandalism.

Our products meet the latest European Standards for fire, smoke and toxicity resistance in underground metro systems. Most recently, Derby Rubber Products’ compound has been tested by the National Laboratory – France ‘LNE’ for head radiation-classification M2 and for fire reaction-classification F3. These comply with Grille 6 the French standard NF F16-101.

We customise our products to the specific requirement of the transport system, and assist in reviewing drawings, designing new products and in the development of tooling, to suit each application.

Applications include:

  • Keyed window seals
  • Keyless window seals
  • Hatch seals
  • Glass and door seals
  • Door nosings
  • Keyed and keyless window seals
  • Hatch seals
  • Extrusion rubber
  • Extruded rubber profiles
  • Extruded rubber
  • Fire retardation

Download Derby Rubber’s door and window seals information brochure:


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