More than 50 years in business has enhanced our ability to find the exact solutions to our customer’s specific needs. Our present set-up is extensive and caters to a broad range of demands for Industrial Rubber Products. We are always researching and investing in new and advanced technologies.

We have outstanding facilities for rubber Extrusion. In order to avoid defects from air entrapment or porosity, our extruders are equipped with vacuum facilities. To ensure profile consistency and superior finish, we use the latest in gear pump technology.

Perhaps the oldest technology used to manufacture rubber goods is Moulding, however it is still one of the most common and effective processes in today’s modern industry. We use latest compression and transfer moulding techniques to produce our diverse product range.

Today’s industry has moved towards automation of processes. Within the rubber industry however, almost all factories have a section where products are exclusively Hand built. Special Fabric reinforced products are hand built for demanding applications.

We have dedicated facilities for Rubber formulation or compound designing. An extensive list of compounds, including fire retardant ones (DIN, NFF etc.) are available.