Highly demanding applications and extreme condition environments are at the core of Derby Rubber’s expertise.

More than 50 years in business has enhanced our ability to find the exact solutions to our customer’s specific needs. Our present set-up is extensive and caters to a broad range of demands for extruded, moulded and hand-built Industrial Rubber Products. We have a strategic commitment to investing in advanced technologies and supporting University research into developing new materials.


We extrude a wide range of rubber profiles, where any or all dimensions can be up to 300mm in hollow or solid profiles.

In addition to the general purpose rubbers, [e.g. Natural, EPDM, SBR, NBR, CR (Neoprene™) etc.] specialty rubbers such as fluoro elastomer [e.g. Viton™, Dyneon™ etc.] are also able to be extruded with a high degree of accuracy.

Investing in sophisticated vacuum and gear pump technology allows us to deliver superior quality and produce profiles with intricate details and close tolerances. We have the capabilities to provide additional interior and external details as well as embossing and printing.


If you have an idea for a product, we will make it a reality using the latest compression and transfer moulding techniques.

Our range of moulded products extends from highly abrasion resistant products supplied to mining to facilitate drilling, to intricate parts made of silicone supplied for use in gas masks.

Hand Building

Today’s industries have moved towards automation of processes. However, specialist and bespoke rubber components must be hand built.
Our hand-built products are built to your required specifications for several different applications, such as no dig repairs and lay flat tubing.

Compound Design

A good rubber compounder knows compound designing is more art than science. A compound can be formulated with the best set of properties, but it will also come at a higher price.
A lower price does not necessarily mean a compromise in quality. It simply means that you will need to choose the right property for your application, and carefully balance the price against the required physical properties.

We have a range of compounds including fire retardant compounds compliant to the International Standards [DIN, NFF etc]. We can also offer a customised solution based on your requirements.
We do not adopt a one size fits all approach to our products. We have a dedicated facility for constant research and development, for new as well as existing compounds.

Tooling Design

Good tooling design is the bridge between concept and realisation.

Our knowledgeable staff work closely with several precision tool makers to deliver our customers the most efficient tooling solution for their job.

Whether you have a complex drawing, a sample or an extrusion off-cut for direct substitution, we can extract all the necessary information to produce an item to your exact specifications.

Do you have existing tooling and are looking for a new supplier? Most tooling can be adapted to suit our production equipment. We would be happy to assist you in providing a competitive quotation.

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At Derby Rubber, we work with our clients to precisely determine the product that will best meet their needs.

We are constantly looking for challenges and opportunities to grow and improve our processes and techniques.

Explore the creative solutions we can bring to your next project.

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