Internship Program

Derby Rubber understands the real value of university internships – not just to the student, but to our business as well.

Real projects

A 3-month internship at Derby Rubber gives you the opportunity to take on real and meaningful projects, learning as you go and enjoying genuine ownership of the outcomes. You’ll be encouraged to step-up and take charge of the planning, development and implementation, while being fully supported every step of the way.

Real progress

We don’t expect you to know everything from day one. In fact, learning as you go, seeking input from those around you, and sharing your discoveries with the Derby team is all part of the fun and purpose of being one of our highly valued interns. Simply bring a passion for learning and an enthusiasm to bring about real progress for yourself and the team.

Real difference

An internship at Derby Rubber is more than just work experience – it’s about making a real difference, both in our industry and in the professional lives of our people. Past interns have developed technologies, streamlined our processes, and helped develop and implement game-changing marketing plans. And of course, we were on hand to answer questions, provide resources, and help bring out their best.

Our Interns’ Testimonials


In 2020, Derby Rubber introduced its inaugural tertiary internship placements with two University of Adelaide students coming on board. Nikita, our very first intern, was invited to take on a project management role to enhance our programming and technical management capabilities. The production team was looking for an app which would help reduce hardcopy paperwork and even though Nikita didn’t have specific experience in apps and coding Derby Rubber gave her the support to learn and up-skill in the role.

“They’re open to anything,” said Nikita. “Even if you don’t know something, just say ‘yes I’m ready to learn’.“


For our second internship, we brought in third-year marketing student Madeleine. Strategic marketing was new to Derby Rubber, and having Madeleine as our new intern allowed us to tap into fresh thinking and modern ideas, while giving her the chance to step up and influence genuine change in our business. Madeleine’s work helped build the foundations of our marketing strategy going forward.

“It was a different experience,“ said Madeleine. “When I brought new ideas, they were put to use and not pushed back. It was a great experience getting out of my comfort zone, and it felt pretty awesome… that I’ve actually made an impact on someone’s business.“

Keen to be a Derby Rubber intern?

Refer to the University of Adelaide, University of South Australia or Flinders University internship website for current Derby Rubber internship opportunities.