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TilliT is a software and hardware technology company that digitises traditional manufacturing processes. Using a centralised digital platform their innovative software provides manufacturing businesses across Australia with the opportunity to improve and optimise their operations.

Founded by industry leaders and backed by renowned specialist industrial services provider SAGE Group. The TilliT software has the capability to digitalise a company no matter their physical environment.


In 2022, Derby Rubber wanted to enhance their manufacturing operations, so that everything from planning through to production could be managed efficiently and conveniently.

Aware of a new digital tool that was being developed by TilliT, Derby Rubber approached the Adelaide-based team to assist their digital, more sustainable transformation.


Working together in partnership, the TilliT team implemented their digital manufacturing operations platform. Comprised of software that is enabled by IOT sensors that capture the data across the entirety of Derby Rubber’s operations. Attached to both new and legacy equipment, the sensors effectively make the equipment smart, capturing timeline data, quality measurements, production metrics and trends. All of which can be accessed via a mobile device, tablet or desktop at any time.

Allowing their team to track jobs live on the shop floor, monitor which machines are being used and capture essential data like quality and tolerance checks as well as the quantity of products being produced. This can then have layers of accessibility and artificial intelligence applied, to improve efficiencies and processes for future jobs. Ensuring each rubber compound produced, is not only durable and last 3 – 4 times that of the competition, but are manufactured using sustainable practices.


“The ongoing partnership is really helping Derby Rubber kick goals, to continuously innovate the business and continuously deliver improved value for our customers” said Derby Rubber’s CEO, Michael Clayton.

The capability TilliT represents has not only seen Derby Rubber reach record-high exports for 2022 but also strengthen their commitment to sustainability by transitioning out of paper-based processes. All of which delivers value to the customer and sets Derby Rubber apart from the competition.

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