High-performance fenders

Protection of vessels and structures from damage caused by impacts and abrasion is a constant challenge for vessel builders, owners and particularly marina and dock operators. This is made more difficult by the conditions under which a fender needs to operate, coping with the combined effect of salt water, metal corrosion, UV exposure and vessel impact.

For over 35 years, Derby Rubber has manufactured a wide range of marine fenders for demanding applications.

Our marine fender range (available in black or non-marking grey or white) has been specially designed for long life in marine environments and for maximum return on installation costs.

Our marine fenders can be found Australia-wide on:

• Port Authority vessels and wharves
• Royal Australian Navy vessels and wharves
• Water taxis
• Heavy work boats including dredges and barges

• Leisure craft
• Commercial and ferry wharves
• Floating pontoons, marinas and docks
• QANTAS service vehicles and air bridges

Download Derby Rubber’s marine fender product data sheet:


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