No Dig and Trenchless Technology

Inflatable tubes are an essential part of trenchless technology equipment used in the maintenance and repair of piping systems.

The inflatable tubes are used to seal the junctions of old and newly relined pipes in a cost effective way without having to dig down to the pipes in the ground to make a repair. This is a fast, simple and safe way to work on the pipe system. Derby inflatable tubes feature a tough cut resistant outer cover. An inner liner, made from a high modulus compound, is effective in distributing the internal air pressure to press the resin-soaked tee socks into place for a strong long life seal.

Our packers are used to rehabilitate or repair broken straight sections or lateral connections in sewer and storm water pipes. Air pressure in the repair packer press the resin soaked tube into place for a strong long life seal.

We also manufacture a large range of moulded diaphragms used in air, water and chemical pumping systems.

Lateral Plugs Datasheet